INSANITY: “Progressives” now claim that asking short women out on a date is a form of sexual misconduct… is anything safe from the Left Cult?

The thought police are once again out in full force at the University of Missouri (Mizzou), where it’s now apparently a violation of the school’s Title IX policy for tall males to ask short females out on dates.

Claiming that taller males are exerting undue “power over her” whenever they petitioner shorter females for a night out on the town, an official from Mizzou reportedly stated during a deposition that it’s basically a criminal offense for such a scenario to take place on the school’s campus.

While it used to be that the deranged hysteria over “consent” was limited to actual sexual advances, it appears that, at least at Mizzou, that consent now extends even to just asking a girl on a date – assuming she’s shorter than you, of course.

“For years, we have been told that one must receive ‘affirmative consent’ before anything of a dating or sexual nature takes place,” writes Ashe Schow for The Daily Wire. “Critics of such policies, such as this reporter, have often wondered what would happen if the mere ask is unwanted, does that also constitute sexual harassment or assault?”

“Now we appear to have our answer: Yes.”

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Black student who asked out white fitness instructor told his “physical size” basically makes him guilty of rape

The issue arose after a black male who’s pursuing his Ph.D. asked out his white female fitness instructor, who reportedly agreed to have lunch with him later that month. Just two days later, however, she bizarrely told him to “stop making romantic advances towards her” – though she made it clear that he should continue taking dance classes from her.

When the student asked for advice about improving his dance skills, this same instructor told him to seek private lessons, indicating that she did not provide them herself. He then wrote her a letter “apologizing for being awkward around her, expressing sincere feelings for her, and asking [her] what if anything she wanted from Plaintiff,” a later-filed lawsuit explains.

In the end, the only thing the black male student did was do what any normal guy would do: ask out a female that interested him. And for this simple, innocent act of affection, he’s now being sued by the white female instructor for allegedly exerting “power or authority” over her – even though she actually held power over him.

“… while most people would assume ‘power or authority’ refers to a professor or other superior’s relationship with a student, Scroggs (the instructor in question) indicated that literally being larger than another person and asking them out could be an unfair sexual situation,” Schow explains.

Mizzou’s deranged “thought police” policies are causing massive declines in enrollment

As you may recall, Mizzou has been in the news before for perpetuating similar lunacy. Several years back, we reported that Mizzou police were adopting a new policy at that time that instructed students to report any “hurtful speech” they witnessed on or around campus, which is apparently also a crime at the school.

Saying things assertively that might hurt someone’s feelings; innocently asking girls out on dates; and presumably doing anything that might be perceived as too “masculine” is seemingly now off-limits at Mizzou, where these and other deranged policies are already causing noticeably massive declines in student enrollment – and this latest bizarre case of asking for a date without “consent” is no exception.

“The radical leftist culture of political correctness and coddled, psychologically fragile students has become so weak and pathetic that students are now advised to call the police over speech they don’t like to hear,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

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