SCIENCE under attack by left-wing university snowflakes: Evolutionary Psychology now considered “offensive”

A shockingly large cohort of students attending Northwestern University near Chicago has signed a petition calling for a professor of “evolutionary psychology” to be banned from campus because some students find his work “offensive.”

According to reports, some 4,200 students at Northwestern are now demanding that Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa be excused from his teaching position at the school for teaching “controversial” subject matter like differences between males and females, and scientific variances in intelligence among different races.

It would seem as though Dr. Kanazawa’s positions on such topics aren’t “progressive” enough for the snowflake contingent at Northwestern that would prefer to be taught their versions of “truth.” And since they aren’t getting this, these poor, triggered souls are lashing out and demanding an end to Dr. Kanazawa’s free speech rights at the school, not to mention his livelihood and career.

“Problem: Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa’s request to conduct research on Northwestern’s campus was approved without scrutiny,” claims one disgruntled snowflake by the name of Deborah Shoola, who added in her portion of the petition that Dr. Satoshi’s past research “is considered to be offensive.”

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PJ Media got the chance to speak directly with Shoola, who provided various articles from Dr. Satoshi dating back to 2010 that she personally finds offensive. One of them discussed matters relating to Muslims, while another, provocatively titled, “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?” concluded that “women are not inferior versions of men.”

Shoola also takes issue with Dr. Kanazawa’s approach to research, which she claims perpetuates stereotypes. In one of his other papers, Dr. Kanazawa concluded that racial minorities are less happy than those in the racial majority, possibly due to economic disadvantages and other factors that purportedly keep “people of color” perpetually marginalized.

Though the study made standard observations based on critical assessment, as studies typically do, Shoola finds it upsetting that Dr. Kanazawa’s research “plays into the idea of ‘model minority,'” in her view, and “only attaches narratives of trauma to marginalized folk.”

In other words, Shoola would prefer to see more research that looks at colored people in a different and more “positive” light. And this personal preference of hers is apparently enough justification to prompt her and her fellow supporters to go on a virtue signaling crusade in an attempt to drive an innocent man out of a job.

Leftists snowflakes claim use of the term “minority” is “racist”

Not only that, but Shoola is also accusing Dr. Kanazawa, an Asian man, of racism simply for using the word “minority” in his various research articles. In her view, there are better, less racist words to use such as “marginalized” that she claims are “more encompassing … when talking about the systemic discrimination groups of people face.”

Some students at Northwestern even went so far as to declare Dr. Kanazawa’s history of science, which dates back to 1992, as perpetuating “violence.”

“This makes me feel so unsafe,” wrote one melting snowflake in the petition.

“His presence is a threat to all students on campus,” wrote another.

Even Northwestern’s provost, Jonathan Holloway, joined in on the witch hunt with his own statement on the matter – which in lockstep with the rest of Northwestern’s snowflake contingent shamelessly condemns Dr. Kanazawa and his work.

“I find that his scholarship presents ideas that are antithetical to values that Northwestern University holds dear,” Holloway wrote.

Another fellow evolutionary psychologist, however, came to Dr. Kanazawa’s defense. While claiming that some of Dr. Kanazawa’s research is “sloppy” and even “inflammatory,” this individual also stated the truth:

“… this petition to get him banned from doing research at Northwestern is purely politically motivated; if he was a Leftist scholar making equally inflammatory statements, he would provoke very little backlash.”

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