Despite their desperate tactics, Democrats cannot impeach Kavanaugh and remove him from the Supreme Court, reminds Dershowitz

Just because the GOP-controlled Senate beat back an unhinged, tradition-destroying effort by Democrats to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t mean the fight is over.

Members of the Donkey Party have vowed to not only win back the House of Representatives but also to impeach Kavanaugh despite the fact that he’s more qualified to sit on SCOTUS than all of the Senate Democrats put together.

That said, a real constitutional expert, law professor Alan Dershowitz – an avowed liberal himself – is pouring cold water on Democratic impeachment lust.

“The Constitution would not permit impeachment of a sitting justice for actions he took while a private citizen 35 years ago, nor would it permit using the laws of perjury, which are very tough,” Dershowitz said Monday during an interview with Fox News, as cited by the Washington Examiner.

If Democrats win back control of the House in November – which is hardly assured, despite the Left-wing mainstream media’s attempts to convince us otherwise – Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York would take over the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee. He’s already said that conducting further investigation of Kavanaugh is a distinct possibility (and boy, wouldn’t that be ‘fair and balanced’). Reps. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Ted Lieu, D-Calif., two of the most unhinged Leftists within the party, are already champing at the bit to get the probe underway. (Related: Teen Vogue promotes communism in ‘explainer on capitalism’ authored by Antifa extremist.)

But should Democrats actually undertake the effort to try to remove Kavanaugh from SCOTUS, not only do they have to overcome a high legal standard but Dershowitz says they risk a major political backlash as well.

“That would be absolutely foolish, inconsistent, and hypocritical,” he said. “Those who believe that Bill Clinton should never have been impeached for allegedly lying about his sex life are now going to lead the campaign to impeach Kavanaugh for allegedly lying about his sexual and drinking activities back when he was a 17-year-old? It’s hypocrisy run rampant.”

Then there is the battle over the bully pulpit, which is currently held by POTUS Donald Trump, who said Monday any move to unseat Kavanaugh should be taken as a huge “insult to the American public.”

“The American public has seen this charade, has seen this dishonesty by the Democrats,” the president said to the White House press gaggle.

There is no reconciling with lunatics

The Washington Examiner noted further:

Impeachment proceedings begin in the House with a vote before the Senate holds a trial to investigate the alleged misconduct. Under the Constitution, articles of impeachment can only be brought against a judge when he or she no longer exhibits “good behavior.”

Kavanaugh was sworn in Saturday evening as the 114th Supreme Court justice. His confirmation process was roiled by questions regarding his treatment of women and alcohol consumption in the 1980s, including one allegation of sexual assault dating back to 1982. He has denied all accusations leveled against him.

“Roiled” is one way to put it; a better description would be ‘character assassination,’ because that’s what Democrats attempted, according to a political strategy House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., recently disclosed.

It’s obvious after the Kavanaugh debacle that there isn’t much common ground, if any, left between Democrats and Republicans. Once upon a time, members of both parties could count on each other to come together to ensure that at least our governing institutions were funded and functioning. But Barack Obama ruined that when he politicized everything from annual budgets to the FBI and Justice Department.

That leaves Americans with a simple choice, really: Continue electing Republicans who are behind POTUS Trump’s quest to “Make America Great Again” or vote for unhinged Democrats willing to partner with anarchists and domestic terrorists who would rather burn our institutions down than work within them to regain power.

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