SCIENCE under attack by libtards as physics professor may get fired for daring to say physics isn’t sexist

A physics professor at the University of Pisa in Italy recently became the subject of an “ethics investigation” at his school following a lecture he gave about how modern leftist dogma that blames “sexism” for allegedly keeping women from succeeding in the sciences is absolute bunk.

Alessandro Strumia boldly and unequivocally stated that “cultural Marxism” is responsible for pushing this ridiculous feminist propaganda, highlighting the fact that common leftist buzzwords like “microaggression,” “gaslighting,” and “mansplaining” are perpetuating the lie that men are somehow “mobilizing their masculinity” to keep women from achieving scientific success.

Entitled, “High Energy Theory and Gender,” Strumia’s lecture, which took place at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, was quickly criticized by leftists involved with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, also known as STEM, for allegedly being “discriminatory” against women.

“Physics is not sexist against women,” Strumia stated as part of his “controversial” lecture.”However, truth does not matter because it’s part of a political battle come from the outside. Not clear who will win.”

These and other apparently politically incorrect statements also triggered CERN’s leadership, which claimed that Strumia’s statements defy the organization’s commitment to “promoting diversity.” CERN not long after pulled Strumia’s entire presentation from its workshop website, which is right around the time when the University of Pisa decided to target Strumia with an “ethics investigation.”

“Physics (was) invented and built by men, it’s not an invitation,” Strumia further stated during another portion of his lecture, alongside a slide entitled, “Discrimination against women.”

Stating facts is “highly offensive,” claim deranged liberals

Strumia’s main emphasis in his presentation was that physics isn’t open to everyone equally. Because physics pushes the limits of the human brain, mere interest in it isn’t enough, and aspiring physicists actually need to prove themselves capable of being real physicists before they can legitimately expect to be regarded as such.

Strumia estimates that only about one in every 1,000 people, regardless of gender, actually makes it as a true physicist. And, generally speaking, most viable candidates are men, since men’s brains tend to be better wired for such a task, as evidenced by the “disproportionate” number of men who are physicists compared to women.

It’s a simple fact of reality, but it’s one that liberals apparently can’t tolerate. Reports indicate that far-left lunatics have now openly declared Strumia’s statements to be “highly offensive,” for which they are now trying to destroy his career as revenge.

Keep in mind that, if anything, STEM is actually discriminating against men these days by trying to dumb down physics programs in order to bring in more women.

At the University of Oxford, for instance, women are now being allowed longer periods of time to take tests than men. And at The University of Melbourne in Australia, “women only” scholarships are now being offered for spots that open up in its STEM program, effectively barring men who are actually qualified from participating.

This is flat-out sexism in its most egregious form, and yet Strumia is the one being falsely accused of “sexism” merely for stating factual reality.

Ironically, Strumia was clear in stating that physics is “open to good people from any background,” and that it “does not depend on nation, race, sex,” or other factors. He also warned about people like himself who face repercussions for defying leftist propaganda that suggests otherwise.

“Their ‘gender equality’ works because it’s the usual sexism: women and men in their traditional gender roles of victims and protectors/providers,” Stramia is quoted as saying.

“P.S.: Many told me, ‘Don’t speak, it’s dangerous.’ As a student, I wrote that weak-scale (Supersymmetry) SUSY is not right, and I survived. Hope to see you again,” he concluded.

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