Chicago Democrat calls on President Trump to help fight rampant violence in murder capital of America

The city of Chicago is not a Trump-free zone, and its people need the President to intervene to help stop the rampant crime that’s led to more than 1,700 shootings just since the beginning of 2018.

This is the message of Illinois state Representative La Shawn K. Ford, a Democrat, who recently spoke to Fox & Friends about “Chicago’s Crime Crisis.” You can watch the segment in full at

Following a weekend where 63 people were shot over the course of just two days, Rep. Ford publicly pled for President Trump to take notice and do something. Rep. Ford believes that President Trump can help his city, and that Democrats like himself need to stop fighting against the President and actually try to work with him to make Chicago better.

“We have to make sure that President Trump recognizes that not everyone believes that Chicago is a Trump-free zone,” Rep. Ford stated. “If he’s serious about helping the people in Chicago, especially on the west side of Chicago, I accept his help.”

Why shouldn’t Illinois’ billions in tax dollars come back to help the city?

Rep. Ford highlighted the fact that his state’s tax contributions to the federal government are currently among the highest in the nation. What he’s asking for is that this money return back to the state to help combat the rampant lawlessness that’s putting innocent people, many of them seniors and children, at risk.

“As a Democrat, I come here today calling on the President because he said he wanted to help people in Chicago, and I accept his help. That’s number one: we have to receive the help from the President of the United States,” Rep. Ford says.

“Illinois is one of the states that sends billions of dollars to the federal government, and the taxpayers of Illinois need help now. As a Democrat from Chicago, we are in a state of emergency in Chicago. Over 1,700 people have been shot since the beginning of the year. And this weekend, you guys have noted that 63 … but of the 63, three of those people were shot just a few steps from my church on the west side of Chicago.”

“One shot dead in the head, and also we had two others who were critically wounded, right steps from my church.”

Where is Rahm Emanuel in working with Trump to clean up Chicago?

Part of the problem is that the Chicago Police Department isn’t trusted by many people who live in some of Chicago’s worst neighborhoods. That’s because Chicago cops are allowing drug dealers, gang members, and others to terrorize local communities rather than prosecute them in accordance with the law.

“It’s clear that the Chicago Police Department is not trusted with the mass genocide that’s happening on the streets of Chicago,” Rep. Ford adds.

“You can’t get the cooperation with the citizens in the community to help solve the crimes. Chicago, right now, has more unsolved crimes than they have solved crimes. So what we have to do is make sure that there is some trust between the Chicago police and the community, and that’s not happening.”

“Our representative community on the west side, the government allows drugs and gangs to dominate those communities where senior citizens and children are held hostage in their homes, held hostage in their communities, and they cannot enjoy the liberties that are afforded to them like everyone else, and that is unacceptable, and we need the President’s help in Chicago.”

Another problem is Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and former Obama chief of staff, who refuses to work with the President to clean things up in Chicago. Emanuel should be working not only with the President, but also with HUD, the labor department, the Surgeon General, and other groups – but he’s not.

“As long as we are divided and fighting against the President, it’s not going to happen,” Rep. Ford concludes. “We can stop this if we really want to.”

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