Left-wing media literally driving Americans into mass mental illness: Psychiatrists baffled

It started off as a joke among conservatives. But so-called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is actually a legitimate health condition, say psychiatrists – and one that afflicts millions of Americans who obsessively hate the President.

According to Elisabeth LaMotte, founder of the D.C. Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, Trump Derangement Syndrome is characterized by “collective anxiety” stemming from patients having “a fear of the world ending,” simply because Donald Trump is their President.

Also known as “Trump Anxiety Disorder,” the condition has reportedly been on the rise ever since the 2016 presidential election. Mental health professionals all across the country are reporting “unusually high levels of politics-related stress in their practices,” and there’s one major culprit: the mainstream media.

“It’s maybe not surprising given the relentlessly negative headlines and politically divisive climate,” says LaMotte, noting that the Trump-hating media is what’s fueling this epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The condition’s symptoms include “a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what’s happening in the country and spending excessive time on social media,” she says.

Clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning, the individual who coined the condition’s alternate name of Trump Anxiety Disorder, says that “intense consumption of media coverage of this presidency is making some people’s Trump-related anxiety worse.”

To see Trump Derangement Syndrome in action, check out the video clip below from REAL.video, which depicts Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts of the left-leaning babble-fest known as The View, becoming triggered and launching into a full-fledged tirade after being diagnosed with the condition by Judge Jeanine Pirro:

Reuters: more than two-thirds of Americans “somewhat” rely on social media for news

Concerning the leftist media’s influence in the matter, statistics show that the more people consume anti-Trump news, the more likely they are to go politically crazy – as Whoopi did above – reiterating all sorts of nonsensical talking points and conspiracy theories about how Trump is a Russian agent who “meddled” along with Vladimir Putin to “steal” the presidential election from Hillary Clinton.

Despite a total lack of evidence to support this hair-brained theory, many people with Trump Derangement Syndrome are totally convinced that Trump is a Kremlin spook, and that the election was “tampered with” due to the spread of “fake news” online.

What’s interesting about these fake news claims of the left is the fact that it’s actually anti-Trump fake news that’s fueling mass mental illness in our country in the aftermath of the election. Recent data put forth by Reuters found that nearly 70 percent of Americans at least “somewhat” rely on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat for their daily news.

A quick glance at what’s showing up on these platforms these days offers some pertinent clues about why so many people now have Trump Derangement Syndrome, even as the President is working out positive policies that are resulting in more jobs for Americans, better pay, lower taxes, and overall improved quality of life.

But to those with Trump Derangement Syndrome, the President is a “rich white Hitler” who worked with special agents to actually change votes. This was the claim of a recent “opinion” piece published by The Root, anyway, which lied to readers with claims that hackers “changed votes” in the 2016 presidential election.

This article was later pulled after being proven a fraud – but not before it was shared and “re-tweeted” by thousands of Trump haters who believed it was real. This is why some of them have become so unhinged that they’re now calling for public executions of Trump supporters.

“That is just one recent example of how the MSM (mainstream media), along with Democratic politicians, are using social media to incite and inflame liberals, using bogus news to misinform their followers, creating conditions where liberals are freaking out, which in turn stresses them out, and voila, ‘Trump Anxiety Syndrome,’ aka Trump Derangement Syndrome, spreads,” writes Susan Duclos for AllNewsPipeline.com.

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