Intolerant Leftists insist Christians should be denied liberty

Earlier this week Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the formation of a Religious Liberty Task Force aimed at protecting that First Amendment right, and for some reason, the Left exploded with anger.

Just a few days after Vice President Mike Pence stated that protection of religious liberty was a “top priority” for the administration, Sessions made his announcement, noting that the new task force would prioritize protecting Americans of faith from being harassed by Left-wing local and state governments.

The Hill noted:

Sessions said the task force, co-chaired by Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio and the assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy, Beth Williams, will help the department fully implement the religious liberty guidance it issued last year.

As you might imagine, Left-wing Democrats and activists all over the country took the announcement to mean something entirely different: They took it as an attack on them and anyone who isn’t a Christian – though neither Sessions nor anyone else from the Justice Department or administration gave any indication such persecution is coming.

The reason for the creation of the task force is clear, however: Religious liberty is under assault (by the Left) and requires legal defense from a government sworn to uphold all provisions and amendments in the Constitution (and the First Amendment in particular).

“We’ve seen nuns ordered to buy contraceptives. We’ve seen U.S. senators ask judicial and executive branch nominees about dogma — even though the Constitution explicitly forbids a religious test for public office. We’ve all seen the ordeal faced so bravely by Jack Phillips,” he noted further, a reference to the Colorado baker who was found by state officials to be in violation of anti-discrimination laws and successfully took his case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Sessions also cited hostility towards Christianity in particular throughout the West. (Related: THIS is WHY he left the LEFT: #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka REFUSED service in camera shop by petulant DEM supporters.)

No tolerance for anything but liberal groupthink

But the Left doesn’t see that, of course. The Left is all in for discriminating against Christians by forcing them to accept societal and cultural tenets expressly forbidden by the dictates of their faith.

As such, we got stories from activist journalists like Tim Teeman of The Daily Beast who wrote – without demonstrating how he could read the minds of Sessions, Trump, and all Christians – that the formation of the task force was a declaration of “holy war on LGBT people.”

“He declared war on anything that could be perceived to trespass on the ‘religious freedom’ or ‘religious liberty’ of Christians – which is loosely defined enough to be construed as trespassing on pretty much anything he and his allies choose it to mean.

Untrue. Teeman is free to pick up a Bible and read it to find what Christians define as “trespassing” on their sincerely-held religious beliefs. They’re not willy-nilly and open-ended. Oh, and they’ve been the same for more than 2000 years. And while he’s at it, he can explain why he thinks it’s okay to take their belief system away.

Teeman then goes on to write this in regard to Sessions’ spot-on claim that a “dangerous movement” on the Left exists to erode the Christian right to worship.

“There isn’t, of course; it’s an invented bogeyman for a ravenously-pursued ideological crusade,” he said.

Does he mean like the agenda of the gay/lesbian/LGBTQ movement? Notice how the Left always accuses their ideological enemies of doing what they themselves do.

There was more stupidity and mischaracterization, The Daily Wire noted, on the social and cultural sewer known as Twitter.

There is nothing so intolerant as a Leftist who views Christianity through the lens of an oppressive force. But that’s today’s Democratic Party: It’s full of supporters who demand nothing less than full compliance for their views and nothing more than derision, ridicule, and suppression of anyone who disagrees.

If that isn’t the definition of tyranny, there is no such thing.

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