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More media lies and distortions in reporting on Portland clash between Patriot Prayer members and Antifa agitators

In recent days the pro-Christian, conservative, pro-American group Patriot Prayer attempted to hold a rally and a march through the streets of far-Left Portland, Ore. but were attacked by agitators from Antifa, which more resembles a group of brown-shirted Nazis than just about any other organization in America today.

As in past demonstrations, Patriot Prayer members weren’t there to get into a ruckus or cause a scene. All they sought to do was to engage in their First Amendment rights to free speech, assembly, and expression — in support of President Donald Trump, the Constitution, and America.

As in past demonstrations, all Antifa thugs wanted to do was disrupt it in any way possible, including through the use of violence — because that’s what domestic terrorist groups do.

What’s maddening about what happened in Portland is that the Patriot Prayer group had a permit from the city to march and demonstrate, but that fact was either hidden, downplayed, or otherwise distorted once again by the disgustingly dishonest establishment media.

As Conservative Tribune pointed out, several ‘news’ organizations were less than honest about which group (Antifa) was really at fault.

At NPR for example, the correspondent, Chris Benderev, explicitly mentioned that Patriot Prayer had a permit, but mischaracterized the organization like the other Left-wing media — calling it a “far-right group” when really it’s just a conservative, America-first organization. Plus, Benderev never put the “clashes” into context: They were exclusively the fault of Antifa thugs who kicked off the battle by hurling eggs, water bottles, and mace at the marchers. Eventually cops declared the fighting a “riot,” revoked Patriot Prayer’s permit, and ordered everyone to disperse. (Related: ‘Have a fist full of MAGA!’ Pro-Trump Patriot Prayer member COLD COCKS Antifa thug during Battle of Portland.)

CBS News also reported the permit but said it was revoked “after the two groups began to clash” — again without the context of who was at fault. One could say both were at fault, but when one group has a permit to march and another group shows up with a history of starting fights and committing acts of violence without a permit, it’s pretty clear who’s in the right and who isn’t.

We’re hopelessly divided and the media isn’t helping

Others describe Patriot Prayer as a group of white supremacists (though in NPR’s story an accompanying photograph shows a black man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat involved in the “clash”).

Even the Alt-Left Southern Poverty Law Center, which is uber-quick to label any non-Leftist group “racist” and filled with “white supremacists” won’t go that far, according to Fox News.

Nevertheless, in the U.S. it is not supposed to matter what political, social, or cultural viewpoints you espouse: Our founders intended for us to be able to express them peacefully and in a lawful manner.

The modern American Left does not agree with that ‘live and let live’ principle. You can tell, in part, because the establishment media coverage did not contain a single quote from a single constitutional expert explaining that the First Amendment was written specifically to permit speech others may find offensive.

That lesson is long overdue. We need to relearn it as a nation.

As The National Sentinel reported, the battle royal that ensued was proof once more that we are a nation bitterly divided. But even more than that, we’re not simply divided over political and policy views, we have a large plurality of Americans who flat-out believe they should get to decide what constitutional rights conservatives and Trump supporters should and should not be afforded.

We can’t function for much longer as a constitutional republic if a large portion of the country refuses to engage in civil discourse and the media is too dishonest to report issues and disagreements fairly and accurately.

Read more about Antifa’s Left-wing violence at

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

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