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LIBERALISM is a mental illness: Bearded man obtains political position reserved only for women by claiming he’s transgender – but just on Wednesdays during work hours

To illustrate the absolute insanity of the idea of “gender fluidity” and the political correctness that caters to it, a British man has officially filed to become a candidate for the Basingstoke Labour Party’s “women’s officer” role, simply by claiming that he’s a “woman” only on Wednesdays when the position-holder is responsible for performing “her” duties.

David Lewis, 45, would basically be in charge of representing women’s issues for the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, as well as recruiting more females to join. Though Lewis obviously isn’t a woman, he decided to take advantage of the Labour Party rules that allow potential candidates applying for women-only positions to “self-identify” as a woman in order to gain access to them.

Lewis isn’t a transgender, of course. But as easy as it is to “become” one these days, he decided that he would take advantage of the open-ended requirements for transforming into a “woman,” which in turn expands his horizons of opportunity, seeing as how the Labour Party’s sexist requirements for its “women’s officer” role blatantly discriminate against men.

“I self-identify as a woman on Wednesdays, between 6:50 am when my alarm goes off to around midnight when I go to bed,” Lewis jokingly told the local media, emphasizing that he doesn’t change his clothing, appearance, behavior, or pronouns on Wednesdays.

It’s a rather humorous conundrum for liberals trying to cater both to women as well as transgenders. What Lewis is pointing out with his actions pertaining to this political position is that you can’t accommodate both groups of people without also giving actual men a loophole out of being discriminated against.

While running, Lewis stated rather clearly that his goal is to “inform the [Constituency Labour Party], and maybe some other people, about what this policy means, about what happens when you say that someone’s gender depends only on what they say and nothing else.”

Men who are tired of being discriminated against need to take FULL advantage of new transgender policies

A cohort of feminists has hilariously expressed opposition to the new rules that allow transgenders to apply for whatever positions they want, and for the exact reason aforementioned: These rules give men who are routinely discriminated against new opportunities to apply for women-only positions that they otherwise wouldn’t be allowed access to.

It’s actually really good news for the modern man that gender fluidity is taking off, because now men can finally maneuver themselves into some of these protected groups that have given preferential treatment at their expense. Men who are passed up for job promotions because of company quotas for hiring more women, as one example, can now simply declare that they’re women themselves and get the positions they desire.

And should anyone question this, these same men can simply explain that they’re transgender members of the LGBT community. This will give men automatic protected status, of course, ensuring them a free pass into positions of power as very few employers these days would want to be accused of “transphobia.”

“I’d say those people don’t have any right to criticize my gender-identity. If I say I am a woman on Wednesdays, then all they can do is accept that,” mocked Lewis in perfect illustration of this point. “After all, there are other people who only identify as women on some days of the week and not others, and they are accepted, not criticized.”

“Anyone else’s criticism or questions about my gender identity are just not relevant to the Labour Party at the moment, given the current policy. If I say I’m a woman, I’m a woman.”

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