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Liberal college professor thinks women are too STUPID to study the sciences, so he decides to give them all an artificial grade boost to “compete” with men

Do women need an academic mulligan, of sorts, in order to excel in the traditionally male field of science? A professor of information systems at The University of Akron in Ohio apparently thinks so, as he recently announced to his class via email that all of his female students would be receiving an automatic grade or two increase simply because they have XX chromosomes.

Professor Liping Liu seems to have bought into the feminist narrative that women need to invade every single field where men currently dominate in order to achieve societal “equality.” And seeing that not as many females choose information science as their college major compared to men, Prof. Liu decided that he would artificially inflate their grades as an incentive, doing his part to help “balance the scales” of gender in the field of science.

According to reports, Prof. Liu apparently told his class that females would be receiving an arbitrary grade boost after he had already submitted these inflated grades to the university’s registrar. He further explained that females were getting preferential treatment over men as part of “a national movement to encourage female students to go to [sic] information sciences.”

Other students were also given grade boosts that they didn’t deserve, including students who had earned scores on exams that demonstrated higher performance than their calculated ones, as well as students who attended class but somehow missed getting on the attendance log. But it was Prof. Liu’s decision to issue grades using overtly sexist criteria that got everyone’s attention.

Female students don’t need a “crutch,” angry feminist declares in response to grade boost for women

Besides upsetting many students at the University of Akron, Prof. Liu’s flagrant favoring of females over males in his class became a point of contention with the school’s administration. Recognizing that it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, school officials notified Prof. Liu that he would have to fairly distribute grades based on merit rather than sex.

“While the professor’s stated intention of encouraging female students to go into the information sciences field may be laudable, his approach as described in his email was clearly unacceptable,” stated university provost and executive vice president Rex Ramsier in a statement.

“The University of Akron follows both the law and its policies and does not discriminate on the basis of sex. The professor in question has been advised accordingly, and he has reaffirmed his commitment to adhering to these strict standards.”

Several students chimed in as well, telling local media outlets that they believed Prof. Liu’s intentions were “noble” and a “good idea,” but that they were “executed poorly.” What this means in practical terms is anyone’s guess, as there’s really no way to execute discrimination against men any other way that would make it acceptable.

But this wasn’t even the issue, apparently. Rather than show any concern for the plight of male students with regards to Prof. Liu’s little scheme, several students, including nursing student Michalla Gordon, apparently took offense at the fact that female students would have been given a free handout that suggests they’re inferior to men.

“Everything should be based on hard work,” Gordon told the media, adding that she doesn’t think “that women need a crutch to get into science.”

Leave it to the feminist fringe to once again take the self-centered approach to an injustice that, in this case, would have been much more harmful to men than to women. But in a way, Gordon’s commentary on the matter illustrates the lunacy of trying to achieve equality of outcomes rather than equality of opportunity – which are two very different things.

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