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Left-wing “intellectual” Noam Chomsky says Christians, not ISIS terrorists, are the real threat to the world

The most insidious threat to world peace isn’t radical Islamic terrorism, runaway climate change, or even a nuclear holocaust stemming from World War III. According to Noam Chomsky, an Ashkenazi Jewish man from the Ukraine and renowned leftist “intellectual,” the biggest scourge is the Republican Party and the millions of Christians who identify as members of it, which he claims are trying to “destroy organized human life.”

During a recent speaking engagement at St. Olaf College, a Lutheran-based liberal arts institution in Minnesota, Chomsky openly stated before an audience of both students and faculty members that Christians are more of a threat to the subsistence of the planet than Muslims, adding that Christians are the group that’s single-handedly trying to “destroy the world” – and this after earlier stating back in 2014 that former President Obama was trying to eliminate all civil liberties in the United States.

Chomsky is particularly bothered by the Republican Party’s continued support for coal and other fossil fuel-based forms of energy, which he believes are contributing to “climate change.” He lodged multiple complaints against what took place during the 2016 primaries pertaining to this issue, citing former Republican candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who openly supports coal energy.

The fact that millions of Americans, many of them Christians, supported Kasich, is bad enough, he says. What’s worse is that millions more support now-President Donald Trump, who while on the campaign trail made promises, now fulfilled, about bringing back the coal plants that former President Barack Obama helped to shutter in exchange for the empty promise of more “renewable” energy technologies to replace them.

“By now, half of Republican voters deny that global warming is taking place at all, and only 30 percent think humans may be contributing,” Chomsky whined with angst during his speech.

“I don’t think you can find anything like that among any significant part of the population anywhere in the world, and it should tell us something. One thing it should tell us is there’s a lot to do for those who hope that maybe organized human life will survive.”

Chomsky: Christians are more “dangerous” than Muslims

Because many of those who continue to support fossil fuels while also questioning climate change dogma identify as Christians, Chomsky is now of the persuasion that the entire religion represents a threat to the survival of the planet. And leading the charge towards its destruction is President Trump, who Chomsky believes is interfering with “peace, disarmament, and unification.”

“People in high places now claim to be devout Christians, and on the basis of Christian ideals they’re saying let’s proceed to destroy the world,” Chomsky stated, adding the president is free to “prance around in public,” but needs to “go away” in other areas because he’s “disrupting the process” that Chomsky believes is necessary for achieving world peace.

“I don’t know anybody in the Islamic world that’s doing that,” Chomsky added, inferring that Islam is the true religion of peace.

As for President Trump’s recent dealings with North Korea and his upcoming peace talks with leader Kim Jong-un, Chomsky believes that the communist regime is actually the one “extending an olive branch” to the United States, and not the other way around.

“Trump will find it hard to threaten military action against a country that’s extending an olive branch,” Chomsky declared, adding that the president is free to “declare victory [in North Korea]” if he wants to, but that this celebratory act is meaningless and actually interferes with Chomsky’s visions for a new world order.

Other tidbits from Chomsky’s 90-minute talk as part of St. Olaf’s Political Awareness Committee (PAC) keynote include the accusation that Americans who voted for President Trump were “bought,” and that the only reason President Trump won the election is because of “huge media support.”

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