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Atheist David Hogg taunts Laura Ingraham with Holy Week jab after she announces one week Easter vacation

Conservative Fox News Channel primetime host Laura Ingraham announced Friday night she will be taking the next week off for Easter vacation with her family. The last minute announcement comes in the midst of an advertiser boycott instigated by liberal Parkland school shooting activist David Hogg after his feelings were hurt by a tweet by Ingraham about Hogg’s self-publicized college rejections.

(Article by Kristinn Taylor republished from

Be careful what you say or David Hogg will wish you into the cornfield.

Hogg’s boycott has cost Ingraham over a dozen sponsors and could lead to her losing her Fox show as the loss of advertisers continued into Friday evening.

Ingraham’s announcement:

Self-proclaimed atheist Hogg tweeted in response to Ingraham, “Have some healthy reflections this Holy Week.”

Hogg’s Holy Week taunt was a retort to Ingraham’s apology that Hogg has refused to accept unless Ingraham, in the fashion of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, denounces her employer, Fox News.

Ingraham’s two part apology:

Ingraham’s original tweet that caused Hogg to unleash his boycott wrath.

Hogg has said numerous times he is leading a “revolution”, “I guess you could say the March was a hole-in-one and on the first hole too! So proud of you guys this is a great start yesterday was the birth of a revolution”

It appears Laura Ingraham is going to be the first victim of Hogg’s revolution.

Ingraham supporters have started a #IStandWithLaura campaign.

In 2017, Hogg posted on Twitter that he is an atheist, “First weekend with out homework, I’m atheist but this might be evidence of a higher power”

Hogg may be an atheist, but he is in league with a power.

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