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Austin-based left-wing terrorism group named “Red Guards Austin” just declared “everywhere a battlefield” … and they can’t wait to murder conservatives

Somebody, somewhere is busy rallying the troops of radical leftist terror in the United States, which is taking on a whole new level of extremism with the recent announcement from “Red Guards Austin” that it’s time for “antifascist” domestic terrorists to take things up a notch by provoking violence throughout the streets of America.

A self-described “autonomous Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective,” the Austin-based domestic terrorism group is calling on anyone willing to adopt its battle cry to “take up the task not only of self-defense on the personal and community level” and “unite all genuine ‘antifascists’ behind the necessity of revolution.”

What does revolution mean to Red Guards Austin? According to the group’s website, it means “the long fight for communism and nothing else.” The group claims that the entire United States is now a battlefield, and that a war isn’t coming, but rather “is here and now” already. The next step for Red Guards Austin is apparently to teach its followers how to better use weapons as part of its agenda of “revolutionary violence.”

In a recent posting on Facebook (which Zuckerberg and his fellow enablers have allowed to remain, despite its openly seditious nature), Red Guards Austin explains its definition of “self-defense,” which is actually just the opposite. The domestic terrorist group believes that self-defense involves forming a “red physical culture” to commit acts of violence against anyone and everyone who disagrees with its agenda.

Red Guards Austin openly admits that it wants to take back “ground that has been ceded to the enemy,” which involves training in “both hand-to-hand combat and in weapons.” In other words, Red Guards Austin plans to use violence to seize control over as much of the country as it can, using any illegal means necessary to make that happen.

“We must walk away from the comfort zone of the legal left,” the group explains about its plans for forcibly converting the U.S. into a communist nation.

American patriots must put an end to Antifa, Red Guards Austin, and other terrorist groups if they hope to preserve the Republic

Various circulating photos of Red Guards Austin that have many of the trappings of being photoshopped propaganda are setting the tone for this agenda of street-level violence. The goal is to recruit anyone ignorant enough to believe that communism is what’s best for America to join this revolution of violence – and the mainstream media is so far nowhere to be found in condemning it.

This Austin-based extension of the Antifa terrorist group, which many believe is directly tied to (and likely a product of) international terrorist George Soros, appears to be leading the charge in destabilizing America under the guise of fighting “racism” and “white supremacy.” And as it currently stands, next to nobody is stepping up to stop them, which will only encourage their growth.

Like ISIS and various other brands of radical Islamic terrorism, these new-breed communist-leftist terrorist cells at the domestic level are fast becoming an imminent threat to everyday Americans. If Red Guards Austin is truly serious about utilizing “all types of comrades at all levels and all abilities” to implement its agenda of “revolutionary violence,” then perhaps it’s time for American patriots to organize, step up, and nip this thing in the bud if they hope to preserve the Republic.

“[I]f the actions from the Red Guards Austin is any indication, this is nothing more than a public relations campaign to recruit moderates,” warns Far Left Watch. “Their end goal is communism, a political ideology responsible for over 94 million deaths in the 20th century.”

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