Accomplishments of men are now being falsely attributed to women as Western society continues its collapse

Radical feminism continues to systematically oppress men, depriving them of the credit they deserve for their accomplishments in the name of “equality,” and in many cases transferring that credit over to undeserving women – a disturbing and growing phenomenon that’s not only destroying manhood throughout the West, but also destroying the West itself.

Case-in-point was the infamous black hole incident from back in April, which the mainstream media went nuts about when it was believed that a young woman by the name of Katie Bouman was responsible for rendering the first-ever computer image of a black hole – yay women! But there was just one problem: The discovery, we later found out, was actually made by a man.

Despite taking credit for it on Facebook, Bouman was outed as a fraud, at least in part. While she did kind of contribute to the project, along with many others, the algorithms she came up with weren’t ultimately used in the final image generation –meaning Bouman didn’t actually play a significant role after all in contributing to this black hole breakthrough.

But this inconvenient little truth didn’t stop the radical feminist media from getting the story wrong, again and again and again, republishing endless fake news that Bouman was somehow to be praised for a discovery that she didn’t actually make. Even after it was revealed that Andrew Chael, a man, wrote 94 percent of the code that created the black hole image – Bouman, meanwhile, having written a whopping zero percent – retractions and corrections were never made.

That’s right: A man was primarily responsible for creating the black hole image, and the Leftist media attributed it to a woman who created none of it. This is what passes for “equality” in the United States in 2019 – the direct consequence of the radical feminist takeover, which has completely hijacked reality and turned it into a sexist paradigm of woman-worship at all costs.

Feminism has brainwashed many men into hating themselves, and attributing their own accomplishments to non-deserving women

Sadly, Chael wasn’t man enough to correct the record himself when given the chance. Instead, he took to Twitter to accuse everyone who was trying to get the story right, and trying to give him the credit he rightfully deserved, of launching “awful and sexist attacks” on his “colleague and friend Katie Bouman.”

Only in the delusional land of feminism is truth considered to be “awful” and “sexist,” but this is what feminist brainwashing produces even in men who become indoctrinated with it: self-shaming and self-humiliation.

It actually took another of Chael and Bouman’s colleagues, a young woman by the name of Sara Issaoun, to set the record straight. Issaoun herself took to Twitter to explain that, “despite the media’ stance,” Bouman’s algorithm “was not used to produce this image.”

“There were three algorithms used and combined to form the final image, and a team of 40 scientists part of that aspect of the project (including myself and more women),” she added, making sure to give credit not only to Chael, but also several others who directly contributed to the project.

Bouman also eventually fessed up as well. But it appears that she only did so after the cat was already out of the bag, as she presumably was quite enjoying having the opportunity to bask in laud and praise from the female-worshiping elements of feminist Western society that are more than willing to bend over backwards when given the chance to prop a woman up on a pedestal – even when she doesn’t rightfully deserve to be there.

“Starting in elementary school, boys are made to feel inferior,” writes career coach Marty Nemko in an article about how women are empowered, encouraged, and given hope in feminist Western society, while men are made to feel inferior while being reduced to dust.

“So millions of young men have become depressed, insecure, and scared,” he adds. “In our attempt to lift up girls and women, we have destroyed boys and men.”

Be sure to read his full article at this link.

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