Leftists are MURDERERS who, if they gain sufficient power, will call for mass executions of all conservatives and Christians

Those still living in the delusional mindset that politics is akin to some harmless sports rivalry where losses have no real-life consequences are in for a very rude awakening, should the Left Cult ever gain the absolute power over American society that they so desperately crave – and realistically could one day attain.

For all their talk about “tolerance” and “coexistence,” Leftist Democrats are the embodiment of intolerance and hatred – especially when it comes to how they view and treat conservatives and Christians.

Case-in-point was the recent Covington Catholic High School hoax, which triggered masses of “woke” Leftists into a maniacal, bloodlust rage. Within hours of the fake news report gaining traction, “Love Trumps Hate” liberal Democrats were calling for the 15-year-old boy wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat while being white, along with his friends, to be thrown into a wood-chipper and murdered, among other calls for violence and persecution.

It was later revealed that the whole thing was a hoax, and that the MAGA boys were the victims, not the perpetrators. But this continues to not matter to members of the Left Cult, whose true colors have now been revealed for the world to see.

“You need to die because of your smile,” wrote Kurt Schlichter for Townhall.com in a recent editorial about the Left Cult’s deeply-rooted hatred for all things white, conservative, and Christian. “That’s the position of our enemies, and we know it because they told us – openly, proudly, in the garbage public forum that is Twitter and elsewhere.”

“Oh, they backtracked a little when the extent of their killing fantasies got exposed, scampering like their insect analogy, the roach, when someone flips on the kitchen light,” he added. “But that kid in DC with the Frigidaireborne reefer ranger (fake “Vietnam Vet” Nathan Phillips) banging that drum in his baffled mug? They wanted that kid to die for having a Wrong Smile.”

For more news about the Left Cult and its desire for genocide against white people, conservatives, and Christians, be sure to check out LiberalMob.com and Libtards.news.

George Orwell’s “Two-Minute Hate” has come to life, thanks to the hatred of the Left Cult

In his book 1984, George Orwell wrote about a concept known as “Two-Minute Hate,” which basically entails the mass triggering of a particular segment of society based on something shown to them on television – sound familiar?

In 2019 – and really ever since July 15, 2015, when then-candidate Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency – this “Two-Minute Hate” concept has manifested as mindless Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), and more recently the Covington hoax.

“When the Democrats of today were on Twitter mobbing those children from Kentucky for daring not to submit, couldn’t you sense the hideous joy they felt screeching for the heads of those kids?” explains Schlichter about how “Two-Minute Hate” is playing out today within the Liberal Mob.

“Their souls are empty of morality and religion, and nature abhors a vacuum, so they filled that vacancy with pagan bloodlust … These unloveable losers have nothing else in their lives, no connection with anything, so they find meaning by joining together with other misfit psychopaths so they can lose themselves in a frenzy of hatred where they get to play the role of righteous avengers.”

In a nutshell, there’s coming a time when true American patriots are going to have to physically defend themselves against this Leftist aggression against their existence – the last bastion of defense being our precious right to bear arms, which the Left Cult is aggressively trying to erase.

“The time to stop them is now, while we still can peacefully, before they quit tweeting about killing and start doing it beyond the occasional Bernie Bro at a ball field,” warns Schlichter.

“We need to purge the weakhearts and Fredocons from positions of authority in our movement and be all-in for victory in 2020. In the meantime, we need to aggressively push our campaign to remake the courts. And it sure would not hurt to follow the Founders’ advice to exercise our Second Amendment rights to reinforce the deterrent to tyranny that is an armed citizenry.”

Be sure to read Schlichter’s full op-ed at Townhall.com.

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