Watch at as Antifa tries to stop the free speech of Proud Boys at prayer rally

August 3, 2018, was quite the day in the People’s Republic of Portland, Oregon. In case you missed it, hordes of violent, hate-filled “anti-fascist” domestic terrorists swarmed the streets to persecute the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer Group, and others who were publicly gathered in support of the United States and President Donald Trump.

Video footage captured by Infowars and published to depicts the extreme violence that was perpetrated by Antifa against American patriots that day – footage that the mainstream media tried to censor by keeping it out of the news and off of YouTube.

“The narrative that’s being spun already is that the Proud Boys, or the Patriot Prayer Group, or all of this stuff – these are the racist, Nazi bigots that are invading Portland to plunder and pillage your town,” stated Infowars‘ Owen Shroyer in a video blog leading up to the event. “And if you go on Twitter, this is all you see.”

Be sure to watch the video footage below:

Portland is a “breeding” ground for Antifa, says Proud Boys leader

As explained by Rufio Panman, the Sergeant at Arms for the Seattle chapter of Proud Boys, Antifa can’t be all about fighting fascism because it is fascism. Everything that Antifa does and represents is fascism embodied, including the silencing of free speech that its members perpetually attempt against their enemies.

“Antifa, their surface-level attack is: you’re racist, you’re a Nazi. But really their agenda is anarchy and communism,” says Panman. “They want to inflict anarchy into our system to uproot what we have as Americans here in Western culture, and create a communist society.”

So why Portland? Somehow this beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest became a breeding ground for Antifa extremists who want nothing more than to dismantle American freedom and replace it with absolute tyranny.

“Portland is … the breeding for Antifa,” warns Panman.

“It isn’t really a location where they all meet up like Berkeley kind of is. This is where it seems they live. And it seems like the city council, the mayor, and maybe even the police, are all kind of linked into this way of life that accommodates these kinds of groups.”

Infowars, Proud Boys encounter similar violence by Antifa in Oakland, California

While Infowars, the Proud Boys, and the Patriot Prayer Group were all able to hold their own in Portland, their work wasn’t finished. The very next day, they traveled to Oakland, California, to engage a similar Antifa protest in the streets – only to encounter the very same rage and violence from this domestic terrorist group that they did in Portland.

“The identity politics (of the Left) is now institutionalized racism,” Shroyer said about the “culture” of Antifa and how it operates during a rally. “They’re always on the wrong side of every fight.”

Keep in mind that governing authorities in these two cities, as in all American cities, have the power to shut down all of this violence, rioting, and chaos if they so choose. The problem is that many of them refuse to do so, including Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who actually told Portland police officers to stand down and let Antifa do whatever it wished in the city’s streets.

Almost two months later to the day of Infowars‘ August visit to Portland, Antifa staged another violent protest that “involved criminal acts, intimidation of motorists, and general mayhem,” as reported by PJ Media at the time.

“In the videos, protestors scream obscenities, create a no-go zone for cars, and call those who violate their demands ‘white nationalists.'”

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