Alan Dershowitz warns: The ACLU has committed credibility suicide, abandons due process

Harvard Law Professor and former board member for the ACLU, Alan M. Dershowitz, has some scathing remarks regarding the integrity of the modern day American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

When left-wing activists interrupted and obstructed the Congressional hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the ACLU cheered them on. When Democrat Senators Dianne Feinstein and Cory Booker brought forth gang rape allegations against the honorable Brett Kavanaugh, the ACLU jumped on board with the allegations. Even though there was no corroboration of the evidence against Kavanaugh, the ACLU spent money trying to destroy his reputation, instead of defending his innocence.

Because the ACLU did not argue for a presumption of guilt during the Kavanaugh proceedings, they exhibited a double standard. The ACLU once argued for due process rights for any and all Americans, that a person was innocent until proven guilty. The ACLU used to believe in the rule of law. Because they blindly jumped on board with the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh, the ACLU committed credibility suicide.

ACLU has become a Democrat Party Super Pac, supporting false accusations and mob rule

As Alan M. Dershowitz points out, the ACLU no longer believes in civil liberties for all. The organization can no longer see past identity politics. The ACLU board members are more concerned about what’s good for the left, what is good for the Democratic party. They focus on one-sided issues, ‘defending’ people of color, and doing what is best for the LGBT community. They no longer view people as individuals, with inalienable rights. The ACLU only looks out for those who fit into a stereotypical mold; they no longer speak out on behalf of American civil liberties regardless of color, gender, political party, or sexual affiliation. The ACLU’s double standard on civil liberties has made the organization part of the problem. Because they don’t impartially view each accusation, because they believed Kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent, they have joined the left with their mob accusations and mob rule.

Dershowitz points out, since President Trump was elected, the ACLU has become just another Democrat Party Super Pac, committed to opposing President Trump and the Republican Party at every turn. The ACLU spent more than a million dollars to stop Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and they didn’t base their decision on anything related to Kavanaugh’s judicial record.

ACLU national political director, Faiz Shakir admitted that the ACLU got involved with the Kavanaugh confirmation battle because “People have funded us and I think they expect a return.” Shakir is a former Democrat Party operative who jumped on board with the sexual allegations to defame Kavanaugh.

Once upon a time, the ACLU was rich in principle, not rich with funds from the Democrat party. Once upon a time, the ACLU defended the unpopular and supported the rights of the accused. Now the organization is taking millions of dollars from radical leftists in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other places where political power is more important than the rights of people.

ACLU mum on real civil liberty issues

Since Trump was elected, the ACLU has stood quiet as conservative voices across the internet have been accused of “hate speech.” Prominent conservative and libertarian voices on the internet have been censored, shadow banned, and demonetized without any due process, but when has the ACLU defended them? The ACLU has been mum when innocent people’s offices are raided, files seized, because someone accused them of working with Russia to undermine American democracy. The ACLU refuses to defend those accused of being a “Nazi” or “white supremacist.” The ACLU doesn’t say a word when students are accused of sexual misconduct and tried in kangaroo courts. The innocents only matter to the ACLU when the ACLU has political power and influence to gain.

Before Trump, the ACLU operated with a $60 million budget. In their annual report for 2017, the ACLU admitted they received “unprecedented donations.” Now they have net assets totaling over $450 million, and their partisan bias is bleeding through everything that they do. Their television ads sound just like activist propaganda from left wing organizations such as MoveOn. The ACLU is now pleasing their donors and working with the Democrat Party to spend more than twenty-five million on Midterm Election ‘ballot initiatives’ for Democrats.

Today’s ACLU is not the ACLU that once operated on principle. Dershowitz summarizes it well: “A true civil libertarian transcends identity politics and cares about the civil liberties of one’s political enemies because he or she recognizes that this is the only way that civil liberties for everyone will be preserved.”

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