America’s left-wing communists openly plot mass assassinations through Twitter groups

Already angry over their inability to control the flow of politics in Washington, the militant Left is getting even angrier. And more militant.

Following a week in which Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were unable to stop a hugely qualified constitutional jurist, Brett Kavanaugh, from advancing to a vote of the full Senate despite the use of a “hail Mary” sexual assault allegation, the perpetually triggered Left is lurching towards a full meltdown, even to the point of openly calling for violence against all conservatives and supporters of POTUS Donald Trump.

As noted by PJ Media, self-avowed Communists took to social media as keyboard warriors to discuss strategies for armed insurrection against those they have identified as their ‘enemies’:

“Dr. Bones,” the co-host of the far-left podcast The Guillotine, started the conversation going with his 5,000-plus Twitter followers. Bones (@Ole_Bonsey on Twitter) asked: “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a ‘insurgent’ focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more ‘militia’ structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

From there the online conversation progressed into discussions of weapons, tactics, and moving among the population freely without being noticed – guerilla warfare-style. At one point Dr. Bones told his followers he had ordered a book by Seth G. Jones, “Waging Insurgent Warfare: Lessons from the Vietcong to the Islamic State.”

“I’d check this out. Details 181 insurgencies, how they started, how they were successful, the tactics they used, and how they ended,” he tweeted. “First hand documents, interviews, even loads of statistical data! My copy is on its way!”

The group discussed forming “hidden cells” that would concentrate on staging ambushes and assassinations, with the objective being to bleed “right-leaning forces dry.” Bones said during the daytime revolutionaries should be seen as “helping everybody,” but never discuss their “nighttime activities.”

Now, you might think that this is harmless banter between Che Guevara wannabes who do all of their talking on social media, but it’s becoming far too common in the Trump era.

No doubt the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are aware of these activities and are tracking them – if you’re a real revolutionary you’re not plotting on social media – but the fact that some people feel comfortable enough talking about these kinds of things in an open forum is disturbing. (Related: Scalise warns: Democrat-supporting LEFT inciting more and more violence.)

At some point, the right will respond in kind

What makes the risk even greater is that, without question, discussions like these ‘inspire’ certain people to eventually think that violence is a much better political solution than traditional means such as candidates using public forums and other methods to reach out to voters and convince them, with better ideas, to lend their support.

We have to ask ourselves how many dog whistles from Antifa protesters and elected Democrats did James T. Hodgkinson, of Belleville, Ill., hear before traveling to Northern Virginia in the summer of 2017 with intent of assassinating Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and as many other Republicans as possible?

How many times does Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., get to call on supporters to physically confront Republicans and Trump Cabinet members in public before one of them harms or kills someone?

How many more times will Republican lawmakers have to suffer through ‘public shaming’ confrontations in restaurants and other places before one of them is attacked?

So, in that vein, it’s imperative that we address this growing ‘insurgency,’ if you will, and stop it in its tracks before we have a real-live shooting war on our hands.

Our founding fathers could only take so much perceived abuse from Great Britain before they decided they’d be willing to risk life, limb, and fortune to fight back. After decades of arguing over slavery, the North and the South split and war ensued.

The thing to remember is that those events did not happen overnight. They took time to fester.

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