Bored with eating Tide pods, moronic youth are now snorting CONDOMS on YouTube to get attention

What has become of the youth, their minds deteriorating, so easily influenced by the latest trend? One month they are placating their dull, miserable lives by eating toxic Tide Pods. Now a growing number of them are snorting condoms up their nose and posting it to YouTube.

We all did stupid things in our youth, but never before has stupidity been so popular, so viral, and so trendy on the internet.

The latest attention-seeking trend on YouTube is the Condom Challenge. The search term pulls up over 270,000 results; many videos showcase young people trying to snort condoms up their nose so they can pull it from the back of their throat. The origins of this trend are unknown, but the health risks are. The risky stunt can tear the soft tissue in the sinuses and cause infection. The condom could even be sucked into their windpipe, but none of these youngsters seem to care about the health consequences.

When it comes down to the psychology, all these youngsters want is more social media likes, more subscriptions, and internet popularity. They want to be admired. They want their videos shared and their voices to be heard. Therefore, they are easily influenced by online trends. Whatever is popular, they follow along and partake in it. This is the new zombie youth, self-consumed, over-stimulated, with no moral responsibilities, and jacked up on the attention-seeking high of social media. (Related: Woman shoots and kills her boyfriend in Youtube publicity stunt gone incredibly wrong.)

The psychology of youth is deteriorating rapidly, only seeking ways to be noticed and liked. The current culture prizes self-absorbed behavior, and social media is nothing but an attention-seeking cesspit. Youth are seeking out new ways to get attention, whether it’s drinking toxic laundry detergent, snorting condoms, changing their gender identity, or shooting up schools. Youth are no longer required to think about others, to serve someone else, to look out after the elderly or take care of the young.

If their peers are lining up with signs, they will be there too. The only way to make the clueless, self-absorbed youth obey is to entice them with something that is trendy and popular. If you can make gun control seem popular, the clueless youth will fall in line, take up a sign, and march the streets to seek attention. It doesn’t matter what they are marching for. If it’s a trending topic, they will be there shouting down the NRA and demanding that all responsible adults give up scary-looking guns.

If the conversation isn’t centered on them, then they shout at you or retreat to their phones and social media to absorb the attention they think they deserve. The culture is permitting this kind of behavior, coddling selfishness, catering to the demands of the spoiled rotten. The youth are now feeding off of their own decaying character, because it’s popular to partake in trendy online challenges and join marches that restrict their own civil liberties and call for the concentration of power. These condom-snorting youth are the future, taking up roles in society. Soon they will be doctors, teachers, politicians and newscasters. Soon their voting power will outweigh that of the responsible adults. Soon their mob mentality will eat out the substance of the republic.

When there’s no right or wrong, no consistent discipline, and narcissistic behavior is trendy, this is what society will get – a bunch of morons slurping up Tide Pods and snorting up condoms, confused, taking synthetic hormones to change their gender, and marching to be compliant sissies with no sense of responsibility and no understanding of history, as they give up their right to self-defense and dignity. (For more moronic stories like this, visit Stupid.News.)

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