Evil globalist George Soros is pouring huge dollars into a San Diego election… but why?

When he’s not quietly funding race wars, movements pushing for gun control, and other civil unrest efforts, globalist billionaire George Soros apparently keeps busy actively rigging elections in order to install leftist puppets into American civil office – including district attorneys at the local level who can covertly perform his dirty work.

One of these is the candidacy of Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a far-left Democratic candidate for district attorney in San Diego. According to reports, Soros has already thrown $1.5 million towards getting Jones-Wright elected, as of May 3.

After creating a political action committee (PAC) called “California Justice & Public Safety,” Soros funneled the cash directly into it and appointed his longtime treasurer, Whitney Tymas, to run it. Thus far, the California Justice & Public Safety PAC controlled by Soros has disbursed nearly $200,000 on television ads, $100,000 on digital advertising, and more than $100,000 on campaign literature and local mailings, campaign finance records filed in San Diego County show.

All of this has been brought to light with the help of San Diego’s current district attorney, Summer Stephan, who recently launched ThreatToSanDiego.com, which warns that the current district attorney’s race is being tampered with – collusion, if you will – by Nazi sympathizer and foreign enemy George Soros.

“San Diego public safety is under attack,” the website explains, adding that “anti-law enforcement $$$ is coming to San Diego” as a result of Soros’s election meddling.

“Billionaire Social Activist George Soros has brought his war against law enforcement to San Diego and he’s spending more than $1 million to support anti-law enforcement candidate Geneviéve Jones-Wright for District Attorney.”

George Soros: foreign enemy number one for colluding with Democrats to steal American elections

The site lists a number of quotes made by Jones-Wright that emphasize this point, explaining that this candidate “has fully embraced his [Soros’s] positions on decriminalizing sex crimes, closing jails and prisons, and eliminating bail.”

It goes on to explain that Jones-Wright is committed to not enforcing what she has deemed as “quality of life crimes,” which include things like breaking and entering into private property. Because such crimes aren’t violent, Jones-Wright doesn’t see them as a top priority in terms of law enforcement.

What’s further interesting is that Jones-Wright was spotted at last year’s Democracy Alliance investment conference. The Democracy Alliance is said to be the left’s “biggest dark money group,” operating as a funnel for Soros money to be brought in as a way to influence the outcome of elections in the U.S.

How Soros gets away with this involves laundering the money through PACs, which allows even more money to be brought in from outsiders without being directly connected to himself. Soros has reportedly influenced a number of other district attorney runs in previous years, bringing victory for his preferred candidates.

“Soros operates similarly in every city: His PAC treasurer will establish a committee as an avenue for him to pour his money to back his preferred candidate,” writes Joe Schoffstall for The Washington Free Beacon about how the process works.

“Once the money is parked in the PAC, independent expenditures are made in support of his candidate and against their [sic] opponent. Soros then refunds himself any excess money at the conclusion of the race and the PAC is dissolved.”

In speaking to the Free Beacon, Jones-Wright was open about her appreciation for Soros’s support, describing him as “one of the most generous and progressive donors in the country.” She perceives Soros’s involvement in American elections as helping to further the cause of bringing much-needed criminal justice reform, insisting that the race is already “rigged” regardless of Soros’s involvement.

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